Proof of Concept

The HybridCheckout counter is now a market-ready product. Highly positive results of recent proof of concept tests confirm the design advantages and benefits to retailers and customers described in an earlier series of white papers.

These test results show that customers and cashiers working together at HybridCheckout counters outperform any other checkout solution. Key performance indicators include checkout speed and throughput, customer satisfaction and ease of use.

Throughout the PoC tests, HybridCheckout throughput was measured at 1,700 to 1,900 items registered per hour. These results indicate a 62-to-82-percent improvement of throughput compared to traditional cashier-based scans. Customers working at single self-service checkout stations typically register 150 to 250 items per hour.

Open/download the full report (ProofOfConceptReport.pdf - 1MB)

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